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A Party To Die For...

As the nights are drawing in and the moon is waning, the time has come for Dr. Acula’s annual Halloween Party, an event started decades ago to celebrate the blood donors at the Doctor’s busy Blood Bank. But with murderous intent lurking in the shadows, is there more at stake for the party goers then having a great time?  Can you solve the crime before the witching hour?

A Party To Die For Inspiration

We admit it! We are big fans of Halloween, it's our favourite time of year, so take a look at our Halloween Murder Mystery Pinterest Board, jam packed with costume, food and party decoration ideas perfect for getting you in the mood for our Halloween themed murder mystery!

Why not chill your bones by watching a Halloween film? They don't have to be scary, so you can come out from behind the sofa and catch The Nightmare Before Christmas, Frankenweenie, or The Addams Family, and there's plenty of other options for you to choose from.


It's a Halloween themed murder mystery, so all things dark and gothic fit! For those not see keen on fancy dress, a nod to theme can be simply dressing in the season's colours: black, red, orange or purple (you'd be surprised what you have in your wardrobe!)