Exceptional Murder Mystery Entertainment

Liability Insurance

Murders We Wrote holds a £1 million liability insurance Policy.  Full details are available, including certificates and confirmation of cover.

By The Pricking Of Our Thumbs

It may sound odd, but we love fictitious Murder Mysteries. Our favourite game is a toss-up between Cluedo and 221B Baker Street, a perfect evening for us is settling down in front of the great Detective TV programmes including Poirot and Vera and we even run listening to our Sherlock Holmes audio books. 

But what we love even more than all that, is people enjoying our fictitious Murder Mysteries.

We are are passionate about producing exceptional Murder Mystery entertainment which is a highly interactive and immersive experience, meaning our sleuths can get involved as much or as little as they want in our Mysteries.  We take our time to create plots that are both challenging and fun. We ensure our characters are as realistic as our own families and you won't find any scripted drama in our Murder Mystery entertainment because we believe it is important to create an event which is real.

We believe a great Murder Mystery is great entertainment. So we created Murders We Wrote, the Award winning amateur dramatic Murder Mystery group based in North East England. 

We call ourselves Murders We Wrote, because we strongly believe that it is a team effort to produce exceptional Murder Mystery entertainment, with the writers, actors and our sleuths all adding something to the final Murder Mystery experience.