Frequently Asked Questions

We are Murders We Wrote, because we believe that quality Murder Mystery entertainment is created by our writers, actors, host venues and sleuths, all adding something unique to each Murder Mystery experience.

Is it like a play?
No, we provide a highly interactive Murder Mystery experience and from the moment you enter the venue the game is a foot. Our murder mysteries are unscripted, and there are no pre-rehearsed scenes. We encourage our sleuths to speak to everyone they meet and ask questions, as you will never know what clues will be revealed. You may even be sitting next to a murderer!

Do we have to roleplay?
We don't provide scripted opportunities for you, your main role will be to take the part of amateur sleuths and try and solve the case! However you are more than welcome to come as your own character that suits the Murder Mystery theme, we love to see people getting involved! 

How does it work?

You are a detective and as you enter your host venue, watch and listen very carefully to everything around you. Speak to your fellow guests, listen to conversations, discover clues and avoid the red herrings to answer three important questions: who committed the murder, how was the murder committed and why was the murder was committed?

How long do your murder mysteries last?
We work with each of our our hosts to understand your needs and build our Murder Mystery around these, but typically our Murder Mystery dinners last 2.5-3 hours.
Our Murder Mystery weekends start on a Friday night and conclude on the Sunday morning. Our actors never come out of their character in that time as we believe it is important for our sleuths to believe in our characters and their actions. Find out more about how our murder mystery events work.

How many people are murdered?
Ah that would be telling! All we will say is it depends on the Murder Mystery plot.

What type of Murder Mystery entertainment do you provide?
Our Murder Mystery entertainment is fully immersive, with the action taking place as soon as you enter a venue, creating a fun and thrilling atmosphere. Our Murder Mystery plots are suitable to accompany dinners, afternoon teas and weekends.

Where do the Murder Mysteries take place?
As we don't use sets or need a stage our Murder Mysteries can take place anywhere in North East England! We work with select venues to ensure an exceptional Murder Mystery experience for you. If you are looking to host a private Murder Mystery then we can provide our Murder Mystery entertainment at a range of types of venues.

Do you have insurance?

Murders We Wrote holds a £1 million liability insurance Policy.  Full details are available, including certificates and confirmation of cover.

How many guests can you entertain?
We can provide our immersive Murder Mystery entertainment for groups of 20-200+ sleuths!

How much do your Murder Mysteries cost?
The prices for individual tickets to our Murder Mystery dinners and weekends are displayed on our Murder Mystery events page

Thinking about hosting a Murder Mystery dinner or weekend at your venue or to celebrate a special occassion at a private party? We love to discusss your requirements with you further contact the Murder Mystery Team and provide you with a quote.

Can I act with Murders We Wrote?
We're always looking for new actors to join our team. Get in touch the Murders We Wrote team we'd love to tell you more!

I can't find the answer to my question
We would love to talk to you about any questions you may have, please contact us and we'll be happy to help!