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Sleeping With The Fishes

Bibi Gunn has organised a welcome home party for her brother Tommy, a Speakeasy affair based on his favourite childhood film, Bugsy Mallone. 

The Gunn Family are known for being very close knit but since Tommy left to travel the world, their family ties have been weakening. Bibi see's her brother's return as the opportunity to reunite the formidable family, but as the moonshine starts to flow old scores are reignited and threaten to ruin the celebration. Blood is said to be thicker than water but what will happen once a drop is spilled?

Sleeping With Fishes Inspiration

Check out our Gangster Murder Mystery Pinterest Board crammed full of costume, food and party decoration ideas perfect for getting you in the mood for our Gangster themed murder mystery!

Follow in Tommy's footsteps and watch Bugsy Mallone, or for those who take their Gangsters more seriously there's always the Godfather trilogy or Goodfellas.

Want to speak like a 20's gangster? This online guide to 1920's gangster slang will show you how.


Gangsters and their molls are the way to dress for this Murder Mystery. Think Flapper dresses, cigarette holders, trilbys and braces, not all at the same time of course!