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You Only Die Twice

The Secret Intelligence Service (Mi6) are recruiting. The team are looking for potential agents from different backgrounds who excel in a range of skills. As part of the campaign they are hosting a James Bond themed event to encourage new applicants for Her Majesty's Secret Service. 

But in a world where deception and danger are the norm, no-one can be trusted. It doesn't take long before events become deadly and someone exercises their license to kill. Can you untangle the web of lies and decode the truth? A mystery for your eyes only...

You Only Die Twice Inspiration

Check out our Secret Agent Murder Mystery Pinterest Board crammed full of costume, food and party decoration ideas perfect for getting you in the mood for our Spy themed murder mystery!

​Sit back, relax and renjoy a spy film or two, the perfect way to prepare for our Secret Agent Murder Mystery. There is The Bourne Identity, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy or any of the James Bond franchise to start you off!


With a Spy themed Murder Mystery dinner jackets and glamorous dresses could be an option for you, or you could get all rugged and dress in army camouflage.